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Main Contact

Petteri 'PP' Pertola (xre@rockfreaks.net)

Promotional Emails

staff@rockfreaks.net - forwarding address to ALL writers.


All questions and inquiries should be sent to Petteri 'PP' Pertola as above. All promotional material, such as press releases, band news, including us on your mailing list, etc, should be sent to staff@rockfreaks.net which forwards to all of our writers. Please note that sending us email does NOT guarantee it will be posted as a news item, otherwise our news feed would be overwhelmingly clogged.

Individual staff members can be contacted at our staff page.

Review Submissions

We accept music submissions from all styles and genres except: hip hop, pop, dance music, and similar. Excluding rap rock, electronic rock and stuff like that, of course. We do NOT accept singles. Re-issues will very rarely be reviewed. We do not review singles or EPs with less than three songs on them.

Digital Submissions

You are welcome to send us a copy of your music in digital format to reviews@rockfreaks.net. Here are some guidelines:

  • We will NOT review from a stream.
  • All files and promotional material sent to us MUST BE packed into a ZIP / RAR archive and sent using Dropbox or similar (create an account, upload the files to a folder, then share the folder with reviews@rockfreaks.net).
  • We will also accept direct downloads from your own site, iPool, Bandcamp, or similar.
  • Yousendit.com or other expiring links are NOT accepted.
  • Links from cyberlocker services (sendspace.com, etc) which limit simultaneous downloads or have a download limit per hour/day are NOT accepted.
  • Files MUST BE in MP3 format - if you send us incompatible files, your release will not be reviewed.
  • Always include the following: short bio, track listing, release date, label (if you have one), contact email address.

Physical CD/DVD Submissions:

We no longer accept physical CD/DVD/vinyl submissions, except under extraordinary circumstances.

Please help us save the environment and let's skip envelopes, shipping, planes, all physical transportation of digital goods. Send us therefore only digital submissions from now on.

If you want to send something else - please contact Petteri 'PP' Pertola (xre@rockfreaks.net) for more information.

Please post all review/promotional material to the address seen on the picture of an envelope.

We prefer digital press kits because they are easier for us to handle, keep track of, and they spare unnecessary expenses like shipping, packaging and so on. No envelopes are needed, no airplanes, no postal service cars, no physical medium. So please, do the right thing; save the world by sending us stuff in digital form.

NOTE: The sheer volume of albums we receive is overwhelming - currently over 200 records per week. We are therefore very picky on what we review. If we review your album, we will be sure to send you a link, so there is no need to contact us to ask whether we will review your album or not (such mails will not be responded to). If you submit us your release for review purposes, you must have faith in our ability to do it fairly. Sometimes we love your music, sometimes we hate it, sometimes we are indifferent. Complaining afterwards will only make you look stupid.

Become A Writer

Have you always dreamed about becoming a music journalist? In that case, we want to hear from you.


  • Excellent level of written English
  • Ability to contribute on a weekly basis (at the bare minimum)
  • Insatiable curiosity and interest in discovering new music
  • Strong background knowledge in at least one style of music

Here's what you'll get from us in return:

  • A ton of free music every week
  • Free access to live shows and festivals
  • Chance to meet and interview some of your favorite artists
  • Invaluable journalistic experience that looks great on a CV

If this sounds interesting to you, send us a sample review in the same format as those you see on our site (or proof / samples of previous work), as well as a short application detailing why you would like to write for us, your favorite music genres, and whatever else you think we might be interested in. All of this should be sent to staff@rockfreaks.net

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For all enquiries about pricing, technical details, campaigns, etc, contact Petteri 'PP' Pertola at xre@rockfreaks.net.


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