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Board Up The House

Written by: PP on 27/04/2008 03:11:41

Genghis Tron belong to that select cluster of bands that consists of acts like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Kylesa, Fear Before The March Of Flames and An Albatross, those who attempt to marry extreme music and experimentalist nature together to produce something 100% weird and 100% brutal. Earlier material by Genghis Tron has been labeled \'cybergrind\' for its integration of futuristic keyboard sound elements into ear-splitting grindcore, and their sophomore album \"Board Up The House\" extends that genre-setting further by providing a soundscape where Stolen Babies meets Fear Before The March Of Flames.

The haunting title track opens the album with a slow build up that later develops into a Converge-grade chaotic mess. The faded clean-ish backup vocals are ghostly, submerged into the deranged instrumental mess that jumps from breakdowns to bone-crushing grindcore in split second. The same variation can be seen across the album, as some songs are slow-tempo, throwing in a good measure of keyboard-based groove and messy shriek/scream vocal work to provide something for the scenesters to relate to. The spacey interludes like \"Recursion\" pause all the maddening instrumental disorder for some much needed breathing time, as most of \"Board Up The House\" is intense, and difficult to absorb on first listen. Hell, I\'m at least on my 15th listen by now and I\'m still having trouble understanding all the small details that are going on, be it the Fear Before The March Off Flames influence or the union of dance-keyboards and ultra complex grind riffage. Clean or scream, vocalist Singerman handles the duties well, adding atmosphere with his ghastly clean parts and ruling the soundscape during his prolonged scream-sessions. Jacob Bannon (Converge) would be proud in many occasions.

What \"Board Up The House\" doesn\'t do is try to break the world record of mixing chaos and noise together with some electro beats, which is kind of my impression of their debut album. It is a much more coherent and concise record, where more attention is paid to create a full experience rather than just five minutes of novelty. In the process, however, Genghis Tron lose some flow and cause the majority of the album to be forgettable - not because it\'s bad material at all, but because it\'s just too damn complicated to get settled in. Nonetheless, for people who like their music deep, experimentalist, and reaping in its nature, Genghis Tron is a must.

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Release date 25.02.2008
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