Houston Calls

A Collection of Short Stories

Written by: KS on 10/10/2005 13:01:37

Once in a while you just stumble upon something really good all unexpectedly. This is the case with Houston Calls.
Their debut full length 'A Collection of Short Stories' hit me hard. Emotionally infused poppunk, with great attitude and talent. I remember I heard their debut single 'One More Won't Hurt' on a compilation a while back, and I made a mental mark of their name and that they would come to make a great record and here it is - so if you're looking for some happy-go-lucky poppunk to enjoy in these otherwise rainy days, Houston Calls is the most excellent choice.

The only unfortunate thing about this record is that they sound like a lot of other bands, but I believe they have this special little thing, which I have a hard time putting my finger on, that gives them edge and keeps it interesting, which most other bands in this genre lacks and few bands like Fall Out Boy and Cartel has.

If you liked Fall Out Boy and Cartel this is definetely for you!


Download: Bob and Bonnie, A Line in the Sand
For the fans of: Fall Out Boy, Cartel

Release date 2.8.2005
Rushmore Records

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