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More Deeper

Written by: AP on 11/06/2008 23:44:19

First off, let it be clear that Vincent Black Shadow does not equal The Vincent Black Shadow, the female-fronted indie rock band featured in two of our reviews of concerts headlined by Silverstein. The only thing these two bands have in common is that their names are derived from a famous motorcycle, and to compare the two would be like comparing \"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas\" to \"10 Things I Hate About You\". Quite accurately even, as Vincent Black Shadow is the musical equivalent of the first mentioned film - a bad acid trip.

As if the raw psychedelic character of the music itself isn\'t enough, Vincent Black Shadow chose for some odd reason to record live to tape for this record. This poor recording quality, however intentional, does nothing to ease the task of listening through \"More Deeper\"; a course, tripped out vocal thrown carelessly on some sharp, high-treble guitars and frantic drumming is hard work as it is. What\'s even harder is trying to ignore the obvious parallel to The Vines in terms sound; in terms of energy; in terms of attitude; everything really.

Though the initial drug-fueled energy that hits the listener is somewhat novel in a stoner punk kind of way, a surprisingly inventive bass section is at most what positive I can extract from this mess. It\'s a frustrating, suffocating album that grips the listener by the throat and screams nonsense in his ear without pause; an album to which the word accessible fits about as much as an asshole to an elbow. Fans of psychedelic punk rock will undoubtedly find bits and pieces of intrigue here, but the poor sound quality might drag even their moods to a low.


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Release date 03.04.2008
Heart Break Beat

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