Feast For The Hated

Written by: PP on 25/06/2008 17:41:13

How is it possible that Imagika have not yet been sued yet for stealing a melody? Am I really the only reviewer and/or listener who has noticed that the Bay Area thrash/power metal act\'s new album \"Feast For The Hated\" begins with a song, which possesses a chorus plagiarized fully from Linkin Park\'s hit song \"Breaking The Habit\"? The haunted clean vocal melody of \"Waaaakiiing theeee deeeaaaad maaaaan\" is even sung to the same tone as Chester Bennington\'s version from a few years ago! Fair enough, it only appears in stretches of a few seconds only occurs about four or five times for the duration of the song, and neither the growls nor the shredding guitar work have anything to do with the aforementioned band. Nonetheless, that\'s my first impression of the band and it isn\'t good.

As for the rest of the record, we are dealing with technical, tightly played fusion metal. Both thrash and power metal are well represented, be it the blinding solos or the shredding of the former, or the pounding drums or vibrato vocals of the latter. The lead guitar either produces the cliché heavy metal screeches, or alternatively borrows melodic technicalities from Gothenburg, while thrashifying it with some added speed.

The same contrast is also shown in the vocal department, where you\'ll hear either the echoing power/heavy metal shout, or the aggressive metal growl/shriek, whichever is appropriate to the song in question.

All of this makes for a very versatile record. It isn\'t all about shredding guitars nor is it only about vibrato vocals and huge soundscapes. While that\'s enjoyable to a point, I can see how genre purists will shun this mix of the angry with the \'holy\', which probably explains why Imagika aren\'t bigger than they are. Nevertheless, \"Feast For The Hated\" is good at what it does, without being particularly impressive. The verdict? A solid, if nothing saying, metal effort.


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Release date 25.04.2008
Locomotive Records
Provided by Target ApS

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