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Written by: PP on 14/10/2005 20:17:00

While we're all eagerly waiting for the new Deftones album to finish production stage, the band is treating it's most loyal fans with a B-sides, covers and rarities release. And B-sides it is indeed. "Sinatra", "The Chaffeur" and "Crenshaw Punch / I'll Throw Rocks At You" are pretty much the only tracks that sound like 'normal' Deftones, but it is utterly clear why we never saw them as a part of the original albums.

"Savory" introduces a softer Deftones: one that's less heavy and more melodic than the tracks before. It's a great song, however, it's not something Deftones should be doing. Save this for the post-grungers. The fans are also treated into acoustic renditions of "Change (In The House Of Flies)", "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)", and "Digital Bath", but to be honest, Deftones isn't meant to be acoustic. Only "Change (In The House Of Flies)" comes anywhere near sounding good in comparison to the originals.

Onto the covers: "Simple Man", a cover of the old Lynyrd Skynyrd classic, is even better than the original. Chino's vocal style gives more than justice to the old band's lyrics, with it's passionate, prolonged "Simpleeeeeee" lines, and Stephen's guitar solo creates chills to the listener.

Even though the album has enough songs for it to be a decent effort, it falls through with stupid guest starrings like the hip-hop song "Black Moon" with Cypress Hill members featured, or the insanely annoying "Wax And Wane". "No Ordinary Love" is another song Deftones should never ever have covered, as it simply doesn't stand up to the Deftones standard we're used to.

I'm going to write this one off just as an appetizer for the upcoming album, as a reminder that Deftones still exists. It provides an excellent contrast on how great their studio albums are by being.. well, boring.


Download: Savory, Simple Man
For the fans of: Deftones

Release date 04.10.2005
Rhino / Wea

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