Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone

Written by: MS on 17/10/2005 01:25:16

British Akercocke is described as Satanic Death Metal. Do not let this discourage you from getting into them, as it is mostly a lyrical matter, and it is rarely possible to understand any of the lyrics. The vocals are for the most part extremely deep growls that sound more like the gutteral noises of a lion rather than human vocals. That or high-pitched screams. There are however, some clean vocals on the album here and there. Some of these sound are a lot like chants or preacher-like sermons, as from a temple, to create the "satanic" feel.

"Words that go unspoken, Deeds that go undone" is the bands fourth studio album. It is one of the most impressive Death Metal albums I have heard in a long time, as it is very progressive, and there is never a dull moment. The album goes from extreme Death Metal like in "Seraphs and Silence", to ambient Melodic Instrumental pieces like in the amazing "Words that Go Unspoken", with the two guitarists playing their mesmerizing riffs. But these are not the only extremes this album holds. The track "Dying in the Sun" is an intrumental piece that sounds like something out of the videogame "Doom". All the way through the track a dark murmuring is heard, sounding like some wild animal consuming it's prey. All this along with some very temple-ish music. Very hard to describe, yet fulfilling and intriguing.

The album is packed with synth, which creates a huge atmospheric trancy feeling to some songs. The drumming is way out over the ordinary. Intense double bass and thrashy rhythms give some of the songs a very messy sound, but they vary with the same passage rarely repeated. This album has some of the most intense drumming I have heard.

The problem with this album is that it is very hard/intense listening experience. This is not the CD you put on at a party or a get together. It is not very suitable for any type of background music, and it certainly isn't the CD you can relax to. I can imagine that this band puts on an amazing live show, where the music will get the constant attention it needs to be enjoyed.


Download: Verdelet, Words that Go Unspoken

For the fans of: Opeth, other extreme Death Metal bands

Release date 10.10.2005


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