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Written by: PP on 19/08/2008 02:09:07

You know that feeling you get when you're listening to a band like Puddle Of Mudd? The one where you seriously doubt if the band sat down together and knowingly decided to make music for fourteen year olds and younger only, the intellectually insulting kind that's so overwhelmingly simplistic and formulaic that those of us who dig a bit deeper into the music scenes are left scratching our head over how anyone can honestly be a fan of music and the given band at the same time? Well, meet Rev Theory, the next chart-topping Americanized post-grunge / hard rock / stadium rock act. Their sophomore album "Light It Up" challenges that very thinking, suggesting that bands of their kind actually have fans, at least if you're to judge by their #22 peak at the BillBoard Modern Rock chart.

What we're dealing with here is your typical Staind / Puddle Of Mudd / Seether / Nickelback clone, the style obsessed with fake adrenaline bursts, stadium-filling riffs perfect for any EA Games soundtrack, and an unhealthy dose of huge rockstar "I don't give a fuck ya'll" attitude fueling the fire. All these bands sound the same, which really makes me question why on earth people are accepting this force-fed Hollywood rock star crap band after band over the airwaves instead of demanding something more challenging, something better.

Their songs are massively riff driven, always climaxing at the huge choruses sung scratchily by the usual whiskey-drenched, southerner-sounding vocalist. To their credit, however, many of the riffs are pretty decent on the hard rock scale at least, so utter garbage Rev Theory certainly isn't. I guess if you don't go up to music as much as most readers on this site (hopefully) do, "Light It Up" is a pretty good album to fire up on the background while your brains are on holiday somewhere in Hawaii. And you know what, if it wasn't for the crappy-ass ballads ruining the macho rock mood every three songs or so, this might actually approach something decent.

Download: Hell Yeah, Headlights
For the fans of: Nickelback, Seether, Puddle Of Mudd
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Release date 10.06.2008

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