Devil May Care EP

Written by: AP on 24/10/2005 16:27:53

Susperia is possibly the most prominent Norwegian metal band today, bathing in the success of their 2004-album, "Unlimited", that received huge appraisal and shot the quintet into immediate success. Their highly anticipated EP, "Devil May Care" features a mixture of two original- and three cover songs, as well as two promotional videos for the much appreciated "Chemistry" and "Devil May Care".

Athera, Susperia's vocalist, possesses an ability to command his voice in a way that never seizes to amaze. He indeed possesses one of the best voices in the genre today. Having dropped the black metal growling familiar to many from their previous releases, "Vindication" and "Predominance", the vocal delivery of Athera is now an aggressive clean voice ? la Testament and Pantera, which occasionally crosses the border to death metal grunts.

The band's ability to replicate - and even improve - the music of legendary bands like W.A.S.P and Death in the two cover songs, "Wild Child" and "Lack of Comprehension" respectively, is no less than breathtaking, but it is not until the jaw-dropping metal version of the Norwegian techno-group A-Ha's "The Sun Always Shines on TV" that one realizes the skill that Susperia commands. After hearing this masterpiece live at Malm? festival in August, I couldn't wait to get my hands on "Devil May Care", mostly because of this song. And not without reason: "The Sun Always Shines on TV" is perhaps one of the most successful cover songs since Disturbed's interpretation of "Fade to Black". The EP also contains a new song, "Venting the Anger", which explodes into a pulsating double-kick slash heavy guitar riff, stylistically in similitude to "Situational Awareness" and "The Coming Past" from the "Unlimited" album. The song then expands into melodic choruses that promote both Athera's vocal capabilities and his band's instrumental precision. Of course, the title track "Devil May Care" along with its respective video reappears on the EP, and not surprisingly. "Devil May Care" is the first Norwegian metal song to hit the top 20 singles chart one week after its release, and with its anthemic quality it is likely to become the trademark of what Susperia stands for.

"Devil May Care" is an outstanding EP, featuring an interesting new track, the most compelling old track, and three cover songs that never seize to impress with their accuracy. If my contemplations are true, we should be expecting a new album from Susperia somewhere during the course of next year. "Venting the Anger" promises this release to be equally- if not more outstanding than the critically acclaimed "Unlimited". Be sure to check this out.


Download: Venting the Anger, The Sun Always Shines on TV
For the fans of: Pantera, Testament

Release date 26.09.2005
Tabu Recordings

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