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Give Me The Fear

Written by: AP on 24/10/2005 20:13:09

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tokyo Dragons: an English quartet made to play good old 70?s rock?n?roll in the footsteps of bands like AC/DC. Their music recalls the days when rock was fun and angst-free, ?like over amplified pop?, as Daily Telegraph described it.

?Give Me the Fear? is a mellow, light-hearted album that inevitably inspires a smile and imaginably massive movement and clapping at live concerts. ?What the Hell? introduces the album with rock?n?roll lyrics and catchy tunes: ?true highway music?, I thought. ?Give Me the Fear? indeed brings back the ideology behind rock?n?roll in the 70?s: sex, drugs and alcohol. ?Do You Wanna? for instance, tells of getting high and everything involved, exposing the lack of seriousness and a thirst for fun rock that the band exhibits. The beauty of this music is that you can play it almost anywhere, no matter the company. It carries a road trip sound, the aspects to make good party music, and a rock core. It is feel-good music at its best, though lacking in ambition. Then again, it seems as if the idea behind Tokyo Dragons never was to provoke thought or inspire with its eloquence.

This is where the album fails to impress in any way: even though ?Give Me the Fear? is fun, mellow and light-hearted, it transforms into tiresome, repetitive and over joyous music after a couple of tracks. Quite obviously, this music was designed to rock live and to facilitate a road trip across the Nevada desert; never to impress with its general listener-friendliness. If you are planning a trip through the United States or Mexico, be sure not to forget Tokyo Dragons? ?Give Me the Fear? from your selection of records, but it is difficult to recommend the album for any other purpose.


Download: Ready or Not, Do You Wanna
For the fans of: AC/DC, Enemies Swe

Release date 25.10.2005
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