No Quarter Given

The Embodiment Begins

Written by: PP on 22/08/2008 03:06:30

I'm slightly confused over what genre I should associate No Quarter Given and their new album "The Embodiment Begins" with. Should it be death metal, because of the growling vocalist and the occasional blast beat hell arising from their rather good drummer, or should it be metalcore because of the riffs and hooks that have been inspired by the finger-tapping of Gothenburg metal and the speediness of thrash metal? I suppose it's a blend of both, in which case sharp readers will quickly suggest deathcore, but the record really lacks that whole -core vibe altogether.

Sounds confusing? You're not alone. One of the biggest problems of their record is its monotonous nature: every single song on it sounds the same, save for the occasional melodic guitar hook that grabs your attention momentarily. This is largely due to their vocalist, who, sorry to say, lacks any kind of comprehension on how to make the songs sound interesting. He's supposed to be the leading force and all, but instead we're treated to a deep voice positioned firmly somewhere between weak growling and throaty shrieking, not a nice place to be, believe me.

After about ten active listens to the record, I'm still yet to remember a single song title, chorus, passage, or an interesting guitar riff, which really sums up the album well: an entirely average, forgettable, unsuccessful merge of the death metal and metalcore genres, that isn't going to have anyone raise as much as an eyebrow, rendering them as one of the weaker signings of the otherwise well developing Rising Records.


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Release date 30.06.2008
Rising Records

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