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In This Life

Written by: PP on 23/08/2008 20:19:19

Canada's Jet Black Stare are the next big thing in the US radios, at least if you are to believe the marketing hype surrounding the band at the moment. To an extent, "In This Life" possesses all the qualities for the band to make it big in the states. Most of it consists of radio-friendly, relaxed mainstream rock, not written to please critics looking for artistic qualities or long-term listening value. Save for the rock n roll feel of "Poster Princess" and the angular opening riffs of the opening track "Ready To Roll", which incidentally is also on EA Sports' Nascar 09 soundtrack, everything on Jet Black Stare has been done before by bands like Trapt, Hinder, Nickelback, etc, etc.

But with the amount of radio-hit material present on the record, I've become convinced that the purpose of this band isn't to re-invent the wheel or create a new genre altogether. They're only interested in playing their best hand, which in their case is melodic radio rock for the purposes of the casual music listener. Think basic riffs, entirely conventional verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure, chilled out vocalist singing at about 80% capacity.. exactly the kind of stuff the radio's are plagued with these days in the US.

The most important thing to get out of "In This Life" is the sheer amount of catchy songs. So although many of the songs aren't particularly interesting to a devout music fan, you'll find yourself hard pressed to find any filler on the album. While that doesn't guarantee top marks for Jet Black Stare, it still holds them afloat at an entirely decent range in our rating scale.

Download: Ready To Roll, I'm Breathing, Poster Princess
For the fans of: Hinder, Nickelback, Trapt
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Release date 15.07.2008
Island Records

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