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Endless Bummer

Written by: PP on 14/09/2008 00:23:03

Sloppy Seconds have spent the majority of the last 10 years inactive, with no new releases and only occasional gigging here and there. I read somewhere that many people will be surprised they're still around making records, but my guess is that most people on this side of the pond don't know that they exist in the first place. Anyway, "Endless Bummer" is their fifth full length album in their 21 year long career, and they're still largely playing the same Ramones-influenced punk rock as ten years ago on "More Trouble Than They're Worth".

"Endless Bummer" offers great humor, groovy riffs and a worry free vibe that effectively labels Sloppy Seconds as a college kids punk rock band from 15 years ago that's still largely relevant today. Songs like "Shut Up And Pour Me A Drink" or "D.I.Y. Till We Die" preach the ideology of underground music scene and drinks, and they do it with a tongue-in-cheek manner usually attributed to college pranks. Even when the band deals with politically relevant topics, they don't seem to take it too seriously, as seen on "Everybody Hates The United States", giving the album a positive vibe that's only fortified with the occasional country-oriented guitar leads you hear from song to song.

I'd really like to call "Endless Bummer" working class punk, because college punk implies the typical high pitched vocalist and a poppy platform, but then you'd just confuse their sound with Street Dogs and The Briggs. The truth is, Sloppy Seconds belongs to neither category. They're just 'punk' without having to resort to some stupid sub genre.. "Endless Bummer" smells like Sloppy Seconds have one foot stuck in the 70s/80s punk rock movement while the lyrical topics deal with 90s and 00s instead. The end result is an enjoyable sound that produces a disc's worth of decent songs without any outstanding ones, that is, unless you're still dreaming of a partial Ramones reunion.

Download: DIY Till You Die, I Don't Wanna Go Out With You
For the fans of: Ramones, Team Stray, Descendents, The Vandals
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Release date 24.06.2008
Kid Tested Records

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