Alexisonfire & Moneen

The Switcheroo Series EP

Written by: PP on 02/11/2005 02:03:16

When two of the best Canadian bands join forces to create a split EP, where they cover each others songs, and as a huge bonus, each include a new track, you can only expect the best. And the best is what they deliver. The undisputable #1 of screamo, namely Alexisonfire, meets their stylistic antonym Moneen, who is currently enjoying the status of being one of the best and most original emo bands out there, with an infamous status for their ferociously intense live shows around North America.

Now, a lot could go wrong when two entirely different bands cover each others songs, but not on this release. Alexisonfire's cover of "The Passing Of America" is genius, George's unique screamo vocals lift the original song to a whole new level, giving it aggression, brutality and amplifying the effect of the already awesome lyrics. On the other side of the playing field, Moneen doesn't do much worse with their cover of "Sharks And Danger". It's unbeliavable to hear Kenny's screamed out parts in the song, as it's more than rare to hear him scream at all, especially in a raw, soared way much similar to that of George's from Alexisonfire.

Even though the prior two songs are better than their originals, Moneen's cover of "Accidents" just doesn't work. "Sharks And Danger"'s cover worked because it was originally slow, but "Accidents" is simply too fast a song for Moneen to slow down, and add acoustic guitars to. The end result is nowhere near the original masterpiece, which is a shame, as Alexisonfire's equivalent cover of "Tonight I'm Gone" is a much fitting one, where George once again reinvents the song with his genius screamo parts, even though Dallas handles most of the singing in the song.

And as both of the bands are hardworking, earnest groups, they have each supplied a brand new song for their fans. Some of you may have heard the demo version of "Bleed And Blister", and "Version Two" of it improves the demo dramatically. It foreshadows that the next Moneen album will continue from where they left off, and will deliver some of the finest emo the world has seen to date. Alexisonfire's new song, "Charlie Sheen vs Henry Rollins", which they've recently been debuting live, has the softer feel of "Watch Out" combined with the ferocity of their self titled debut, resulting in a sound you'd imagine to be a logical one for their upcoming third album - a fact guaranteed to calm down some worries about the new album.

By the end of the EP it is clear that both of the bands get along with each other as if they were brothers, and as the humorously modified song titles suggest ("Passing Of America" -> "Passing Out In America" etc), this won't be the last time these bands collaborate together.

This is a must have release for the fans of both bands, and reaches a 9 ? grade, only falling short of a 10 due to the weak "Accidents" cover. Nonetheless, it's still a must have EP even if you don't know the bands from beforehand. This one will stay in my stereos for a long, LONG time.


Download: Passing Out In America, Sharks In Danger
For the fans of: Alexisonfire, Moneen

Release date 03.11.2005

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