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Written by: PP on 30/09/2008 16:22:18

I've always been a fan of split albums, partly because it allows some extremely impoverished, but nonetheless good bands to share recording & promotional costs together, and partly because it often allows the listener to discover at least one new band. I can't say I've heard of either DrDoom or Collision before, nor can I really say that either is particularly good. But hey, it's a split album, so that's one positive, right?

Dr Doom's half is first on the record, and they start it off with extremely boring, droning guitars for two and a half minutes, at first making me groan inside and think "oh no NOT doom metal PLEASE". Luckily, the other four DrDoom tracks offer varying degrees of grindcore topped with a coarsely shrieking vocalist. You're not given much breathing space as the soundscape is dominated by freight-train speed brutal noise, but with grindcore that's to be expected anyway. There's just enough melodic chords to make me slightly interested, but don't expect a genre milestone or anything. It's not bad but not particularly outstanding either.

I have to say that I enjoy Collision's straightforward approach much better. They combine together new school thrash metal, punk attitudes, and elements from both grindcore and death metal to keep things slightly interesting. In addition, their music sounds a lot more organized and structured, and there's an entry-, climax- and exit-point in all of their songs. My only problem lies with their second vocalist whose scream/growl is a bit weak, but I suppose it adds some contrast anyway.

Overall, the split album sounds really tight and intense. The production lacks here and there, sometimes making especially the drums drown behind the voluminous shredding for both bands, but that's also to be expected with such an underground release. I'd still be lying if I'd say either band were anywhere near the top of their respective leagues, this is rather average stuff overall.


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Release date 2008
Scrotum Jus Records / Everydayhate Records

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