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Parasites And Worms

Written by: PP on 04/10/2008 16:09:50

Based, Switzerland isn't the place you'd first look when you're after alternative rock bands with a post-grunge and hard rock background, but yet that's where Pure Inc originate from. "Parasites And Worms" is precisely of the type of material that was all over the radios in the states about six to eight years ago, when bands like Trapt, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Earshot and Element Eighty reigned on the other side of the pond, back when all these bands were actually good. Since then, all these bands have gone soft and are missing the honest feeling of their early days, and that's why it's incredibly refreshing to hear a band like Pure Inc play post-grunge / alternative rock the way it was meant to be played, with attitude, conviction, and brilliant choruses.

The band's vocalist Gianni Pontillo is nothing short of amazing. He sounds impeccably similar to Chris Cornell from Audioslave's heavier songs like "Cochise", complete with a nice scratchy voice and immense vocal chords that he seems to be able to stretch and extend for an eternity. The riffs are full of pure rock attitude, and like another review put it, give the band so much more personality than the recent releases of pretty much everyone else in the genre. But really, this is all Pontillo's show, as he drifts through monstrous yells and aggression-filled verse passages, keeping it perfectly suitable for any radio station in the process. The songs are so infectious that you shouldn't be surprised if you find yourself singing along to "Carrie's Alone" on first listen. In fact, if Pure Inc would be playing in the states instead of Europe, they'd be all over the charts and radios by now, playing in front of thousands of people every night, and they'd eat every bit of it out of the palms of their hands.

Essentially, what "Parasites And Worms" offers is another chance for the almost vanished post-grunge oriented modern rock scene. It shows that this style of music can still be both relevant and awesome, despite the best efforts of bands like Trapt and Adema to point to the contrary. Pure Inc is exactly the kind of band Roskilde Festival was missing this year, a heavy hitting hard rock act, that's perfect for headbanging, driving music, the climax of a radio show, or just regular active listening. They are just pure fucking rock to the deepest meaning of the word, this is an album with so much attitude and superior vocal work that it demands to be heard by everyone.


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For the fans of: Audioslave, Soundgarden, Velvet Revolver
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Release date 01.09.2008
Dockyard 1

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