Drain The Dragon

Demon Of My Nights

Written by: TL on 07/10/2008 21:43:15

A band called "Drain The Dragon"... These guys have got to be joking right!? Drain The Dragon...

Yeah, surely, this must be some kind of joke. Except by the sound of the debut album "Demon Of My Nights", it isn't. What. The. Fuck? Okay okay, these guys are from Italy and I've heard some pretty weird band names from there, but honestly this one just goes ahead and takes the prize. I don't know whether I am to laugh or cry. In any case, this little rant is going to have to suffice in terms of including the harassment a band name that lame deserves, after all, there's some actual music to be reviewed too.

Drain The Dragon's Myspace labels their music as "Hardcore / Death Metal / Thrash", and if those add up as METALCORE in your mind, let me assure you that your worst preconceptions are correct so you can be on your way and waste no more time. That being said, I think it's time to mention the strongest positive trait of this band, namely their halfway awesome guitarists. Sure, they never venture outside the realms of flat out generic metalcore, but when that's been said, please notice that these guys at least seem to have listened to a lot of Darkest Hour, and that their melodies reflect it as well. In fact, during the brightest of moments, their vocalist even manages to sound somewhat like John Henry!

However, what merits the negative beginning of this review is that having your best moment sound like a bad copy of Darkest Hour just does not cut it. Especially not when the majority of your sound is ruined with a multitude of idiotic elements. When not imitating John Henry, vocals are either kept as a high pitched scream that's indecipherable, or as a low guttural growl that's - you guessed it - also totally indecipherable. And I mean totally. That and the stupendously generic and simplistic moshcore breakdowns that continually break any notion of momentum the songs might gain makes for an expression that suggests intelligent and original music isn't something Drain The Dragon are interested in.

Should the band get their heads out of the moshcore gutter and try to build an identity on their more metallic inspirations, they might have a chance to make something decent, but for now, their "Demon Of My Nights" would be an embarrassment to any respectable metal fan, seeing how awfully contrived it sounds. Even with the pseudo-cool guitars, it's pretty fuckin' bad.


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For The Fans Of: Darkest Hour and As I Lay Dying with bad vocalists
Listen: myspace.com/drainthedragon

Release Date 15.04.2008
Graves Records

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