The Ruin of Nova Roma

Written by: ASH on 09/11/2005 00:44:49

Prior to their debut album "The Ruin Of Nova Roma, Taint has released a good couple of demo tapes including "Rough", "10 x Better" and a mcd entitled "Die, Die Truthspeaker". And undoubtedly, the post hardcore/melodic power-trio consisting of lead singer and guitarist James "Jimbob" Isaac, bassist Chris West and Alex Harris on the drums, have set their very own fingerprint to the scene with this album.

Starting out with the first track on the album, "The Sound-out Competition", Taint introduces their listeners to something, which in common language would be a good ol' riff show-off. It's interesting, but there's something missing. Maybe you guessed it, but here it comes. The vocals! Where are they? It's almost as if there weren't meant to be any. They are rarely used throughout the album.

Taint really has an interesting sound, good riff-manship, steady drums and eaves-dropping bass, but they lack an indeed important element called quality in composition and tend to make tracks longer than six minutes. To have long tracks isn't a negative thing by any means, but Taint should stick with the shorter ones in my opinion. Throughout the whole album, you're curious whether James had a sore throat during the recording sessions or just doesn?t want to sing all that much.

All right, all right, there are exceptions like parts of the first track "The Sound-out Competition", most of the second track "Zealot's & Whores", the third Taint creation "He Got Cop Eyes" and finally the second last track "Poison Pen Attack!", but then it just seems to die out. Though it is explosive and contains impressive riffs, an album consisting of only four songs with vocals and the rest lacking in this department isn't the best combination unless you really know what you're doing like Knut, for instance, and if Taint wants to show off their lyrical capabilities they should think about adding more vocals to their next album.

The band most definitely has instrumental skills, and possibly also vocal skills, but we could only judge that if James wouldn't be all that shy to use them. On their biography they are compared to Black Sabbath, which must be a typing-error, and kind of like pissing on a tombstone, neither of which is a particularly good thing!


Download: Poison Pen Attack!
For the fans of: Fugazi

Release date: 10.24.2005
Rise Above Records
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