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Written by: KS on 13/11/2005 19:28:04

Boys Night Out is not entirely boys? night out anymore, since a girl has joined the boys on their sophomore album ?Trainwreck?. From the beginning you get the feel that this is a concept album, since the album starts out with a spoken introduction about a man, who has gone into a catatonic state after he somehow lost his wife. He is getting released from the hospital and the doctor is worried, since he believes this man is going to do something bad to himself or perhaps other people. We then follow this man through his catatonic dreaming, his awakening and his feelings of guilt and despair until the end.

It?s hard to make a normal review since it?s really one long story you need to hear from the beginning to the end. At the same time, the songs have no verse/chorus structures, though some have repeated lines, but not in the form of real choruses, so it gives a bit of different song structure. You have to listen to this album a lot more than a regular album before you can sing along and what not. You can clearly feel that the band has matured a lot since their debut in song writing and ambitions.

All in all this is a good album, but the listener needs to be aware of, that spending some time getting to know this album real good will make it a lot better, because at first listen it might not be that catchy. You?ll probably also need some time to understand the story. I?m not even sure I completely understand it yet.


Download: You need to hear the whole album.

For the fans of: Thursday, Taking Back Sunday.

Release date: 26.09.2005

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