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Before I get into the actual review of Agabus and their new album "Mitakuye" I have to give the band a list of pointers of what NOT to do if they ever want to become successful: The band name is repulsive, change it. Secondly, the album is sung largely in Italian, thus nobody outside of the country will ever be able to listen to it properly. But more importantly, avoid naming your songs things like "sciacxste", "Numby", "Swami" or "Fiux", because the first thought of the listener will be "those aren't even words". Now aside from that, Agabus apparently "proposes original songs (Post Thrash Core Metal)". Post Thrash Core Metal? Eh, What? Am I the only one thinking "BULLSHIT" here?

In reality, the band combines the worst kind of metalcore (the one which lacks any recognizable/memorable riffs) with the worst kind nu-metal (the one that caused the genre to die out) with - surprise surprise - little success. I suppose the approach is unique in that I don't know of any other band who would attempt a formula that's doomed already before they started writing the songs, but that's not gonna help Agabus with their rating here.

Occasionally, their screamer Aro sounds similar to Brock from 36 Crazyfists (such as on "Ghastly") with his throaty approach. This occurs all too seldom though to make any difference, because for the majority of the time, he just sounds annoying and incapable at sustaining his vocals at the same level for prolonged periods of time.

Disturbed, koRn, Dry Cell.. if you like any of these bands, there's a remote chance that you'll recognize some of their elements on "Mitakuye". But don't go into the record expecting the band to sound like those bands, because they really don't. They're just the closest reference points I could come up with to give you at least a slight idea of whether or not you should check out these guys (which, I assure you, you shouldn't).


Download: Slaves, Numby, Ghastly
For the fans of: Disturbed, koRn, 36 Crazyfists
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Release date 05.05.2008
X-treme Rising Records

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