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Written by: PP on 16/12/2008 04:49:19

Remember how metalcore used to sound like before bands like Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine pushed the entire genre into Metallica/Gothenburg imitation? Do you even know how it sounded like? If not, or if you just want a nice trip down the memory lane, then Saints Never Surrender and their new record "Brutus" might just be for you.

Think angular guitar hooks and melodies in the vein of early Shai Hulud, throw in a few melodic hardcore influences, a bunch of Christian lyrics, and a screamer who sounds unmistakably like the dude in Life In Your Way, and there's your finished product. The instruments are generally clean and well produced, creating a smooth "They're Only Chasing Safety"-type of sound, albeit much more complex in a technical sense. So basically exactly how metalcore used to sound like back in the day, a combination between metal and (post?)hardcore, or more or less like Life In Your Way, except without the same urgency and immediacy in the songs.

In other words, the songs on "Brutus" are enjoyable listens without ever being instant attention grabbers as such. After all, both Shai Hulud and Life In Your Way already wrote these songs in one from or another, and they did it slightly better. But hey, those are both awesome bands, and if Saints Never Surrender can come anywhere close to them here, that can't possibly mean that "Brutus" is a bad album.

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Release date 15.07.2008
Blood & Ink Recods

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