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Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm

Written by: TL on 19/12/2008 14:39:58

As second to last in the pile of orphaned promos that once crowded my desk, we find the Swedes from This Haven and their debut album "Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm". The band boast of blending metal, stoner, progressive and hardcore into their own unique style, but really, judging from this record, an accurate description need not be more complicated than "progressive hardrock" as all the remaining genres are hardly noticeable. - And while we're at it with the hollow promises, the band's myspace also describes the record as sensational... Well, I guess you have to say so yourself guys, because if you're asking me, I don't think you'll hear it from too many others any time soon.

Okay so yeah, what we're dealing with is pretty much a dark blend of hardrock alright, chugging and bursting with Tool-influence in its soundscape, forming the base upon which frontman Patrik Karlsson does a rather soulless imitation of Chris Cornell. I know that sounds harsh, but despite Patrik's performance being technically alright, he doesn't manage to make you feel like you really give a damn about what he's singing about. He isn't helped either, by the fact that the songs on this album are all too predictable and chorus-oriented, with the same line happily being repeated till the point where it's basically doing nothing but putting the listener to sleep. The mood, the riffs, the structure and the attitude, it's all been done before, and better so. The compositions start to get a bit more interesting towards the end, with some more curious riffs, some added samples and female backing vocals, but I'm afraid it's just too little too late by the point it happens, as thing's like that might have spiced up an already interesting dish, but don't hold the power to save a meal that's already stale.

Again, I realize that I'm not exactly going easy on this record, but while the musicianship and production is fine technique-wise, it feels more like a piece of craftsmanship than a piece of art, and frankly it bores the shit out of me. If the genre description however is straight up your alley, you may check this out and enjoy it, but really, you'd be much happier listening to either Tool or Taproot's "Blue Sky Research". As for me, this is just too downright unambitious and ordinary to invoke any kind of reaction, positive or negative.


Download: The Itch, Hero Of Your Hell, The Fallen
For The Fans Of: Audioslave, Taproot, Tool

Release Date 13.10.2008
Vic Records

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