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The Furthermost

Written by: PP on 05/01/2009 15:01:21

Portugal's All Against The World are by all counts Europe's answer to bands like Comeback Kid and Bane: relentless hardcore with a monotonously yelling vocalist that the fans of the genre will love and others will find difficult to absorb. Either way, "The Furthermost" is only their debut album and yet they're already putting on a performance on par with "Turn It Around" / "Wake The Dead" era Comeback Kid material, an impressive feat in itself already.

But although Comeback Kid is the most obvious reference point for the All Against The World's sound, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are a clone band, even if at times it does in fact feel like you're listening to "Wake The Dead" or something written by Bane. The expression here is somewhat more technical and less layered than that of the 'Kid, the melodies are more clearly laid out and there are more clean vocal lines guiding the songs. This has the effect of removing some of the power from the yelling, and as such it doesn't come across as in-your-face as it does on any Comeback Kid record. However, this could be due to production issues, because despite the sound being clean and nice all-around, it's still clearly audible that All Against The World haven't spent the big bucks on it.

"One Second Ago" has perhaps the catchiest chorus on the record, while the A Wilhelm Scream style technical punk rock fanatics should look towards songs like "All In The Past" or any others near the beginning of the album. "Scratch In Time" has some nice gang vocals and guitar lines that at times reminds me of the melodic hardcore from "The Unraveling" era Rise Against, so anyone liking that stuff should head All Against The World's way immediately.

Unfortunately the quality isn't upheld through the entire record, as a few too many of the songs drown in anonymity of the expression - the yelling pitch just makes the album sound a bit samey towards the end. But the potential is there, and as long as the band keeps on improving their songwriting skills, then who knows, maybe they will write their own "Broadcasting" in years to come.


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For the fans of: Comeback Kid, Bane, A Wilhelm Scream
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Release date March 2008
Hellxis Records

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