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Everyday Demons

Written by: PP on 04/02/2009 13:43:54

What do you get when you put together the pure rock 'n' roll of AC/DC, the groove of Every Time I Die and the maniacal attitude and tight guitars of Danko Jones? The Answer is The Answer (:D). Their first album "Rise" was already full of fist-pumping, leather-clad tough guy rock n roll, resulting in album sales of over 100,000 copies worldwide, and "Everyday Demons" basically picks off where "Rise" left off. At least some bands know what to do on their follow-up to a successful record, TRJA I'm looking at you here.

Any fans of the latest AC/DC slap "Black Ice" will find what they're looking for in rock music on "Everyday Demons". First off, the band's charismatic vocalist Cormac Neeson is probably the closest living equivalent to Brian Johnson (with a hint of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler), which is the main reason for drawing the parallel. Second off, the instrumental work, albeit missing Angus Young's impossible-to-clone axework, is still as raw and huge as rock n roll gets, basically screaming "stadium stadium stadium" on every riff and chord. When you throw on some reasonably catchy rock n roll (I can't stress enough how rock n roll this album is) choruses on top, well, you have a band that's pretty much made to open for AC/DC together with Danko Jones on the bill. While that description calls for no shouts of originality, it really doesn't matter here, as The Answer is the kind of band you go to for exactly one thing: a nice bunch of ass-kicking rock n roll songs to get your air guitar rolling. My advice is not to listen to this record while on a train or any other public venue if you don't want people looking at you weird, 'cause there's simply no way you won't be headbanging and moving around (read: jumping).

So now you know what to expect when "Everyday Demons" lands in stores on March 2nd. It might not be a huge evolution from "Rise", but what the heck, when it rocks this hard does anyone really care? I know I don't, and this record really makes me curse the cancellation of The Answer at Roskilde Festival a few years back.

Download: Demon Eyes, Too Far Gone, Walkin' Mat
For the fans of: AC/DC, Danko Jones, Aerosmith
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Release date 02.03.2009
Albert Records

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