New Shores

Written by: PP on 04/03/2009 15:29:23

Contrary to popular belief, gothic rock/metal isn't just a phenomena taking place in Germany and Finland only, it happens in other countries too, although to a lesser extent. Lunatica are an example from Swizerland, where they've even enjoyed some limited chart success during their career. I won't lie though, this is my first acquaintance with the band, despite "New Shores" being their fourth studio album already. Apparently they've been rocking out since 2000, but they've seemingly been doing it inside Swiss/Austrian/German borders only.

Anyway, "New Shores" is your ordinary, run of the mill gothic metal, complete with symphonic keyboards (Nightwish anyone?) and a strong female vocalist as the centerpiece of the effort (think Lacuna Coil here). So don't expect anything mindbogglingly original in the instrumental department. But despite the description, Lunatica are fairly decent in a genre that's both stale and oversaturated given the hundreds upon hundreds of bands occupying it. For starters, these guys have nailed down chorus-writing, as almost every track on the record has a mammoth chorus that I wouldn't mind popping on from time to time. Check out "Two Dreamers", "The Incredibles" or "The Chosen Ones" for good examples. Secondly, their colossal sound is matched by equally huge lyrical universe, there's some pretty heavy stuff to be found there: "Wake up mankind / your time is running out / give your children / the chance to make things right" on "The Incredibles". Seems like the climate change thematics are finally starting to creep into the music world as well. About time I say, it's never too late to integrate political lyrics that deal about something else than corrupt politicians and hatred of the government. That the initiative has to come from a goth metal band instead of a punk one may well be an indication of lack of original ideas in the punk scene.

So anyway, if female fronted goth metal bands like Battlelore, Edenbridge, Visions Of Atlantis, Epica, Leaves Eyes, or the genre in general appeal to you, Lunatica is one of the few bands in the stale genre that I'd recommend checking out. "New Shores" might not have anything 'new' in it other than the lyrical themes, but God damn, they know how to write darkened, catchy choruses.


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For the fans of: Epica, Visions Of Atlantis, Battlelore
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Release date 02.03.2009
Napalm Records

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