Un Mondo In Me

Written by: PP on 13/03/2009 00:12:27

Darkwave, according to a wikipedia description, is "a music genre that began in the late 1970s, coinciding with the popularity of New Wave and post-punk. Building on those basic principles, dark wave added dark, introspective lyrics and an undertone of sorrow. The British post-punk groups that inspired Gothic rock provided initial impetus for the movement. As a result, dark wave is linked to the Goth subculture". In reality, it's one of the most pretentious excuses for a music genre that exists, and the people who listen to it around the world must count in the dozens based on what I've heard from the genre, and even then I feel like I'm being generous. Most of it consists of useless experimental ambiance with deep, spoken-word vocals. In simpler words, it's a shitty, obscure genre with barely any following precisely because it offers absolutely nothing to the listener. Now why a rock/metal/punk magazine such as would be sent two album's worth of music by Neronoia is a huge mystery waiting to be resolved, but here's my attempt at a 'review' of the first one in question, the debut album "Un Mondo In Me" by the Italians.

They say a picture says more than a thousand words, so lets take an example. Try stare at this picture for 60 seconds before reading on. Done? Good, because 'darkwave' is essentially that picture. If you are able to stare at it for the entirety of 60 seconds and it provokes a variety of different emotions in you, or you find yourself imagining different interpretations of the picture in the process, then darkwave is a genre that you might wanna check out and Neronoia's "Un Mondo In Me" could be a good place to start out with. But if you're at all like me, and need just five seconds to grasp everything in that picture after which you end up staring at it trying to figure out what's so special about it, then you'll find this release so utterly boring that it hardly deserves to be graded. I mean for god's sake, Neronoia sounds like Rammstein, except all the instrumental finesse has been replaced with echoing ambiance. There's a dude whispering (you can hardly call it singing) over minimalistic ambiance for 44 minutes straight. Honestly, who listens to this crap?


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Release date September 2006
Eibon Records

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