Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head

Written by: PP on 20/03/2009 12:54:45

Man, somebody needs to teach Bavarian rockers Shenaniganz proper album tracking, because placing the two worst songs of their new album "Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head" as the opener and #2 track respectively is not a good way to get a new listener acquainted with the band. In fact, they are so bad that I'm seriously puzzled over exactly how they made their way to the 14-track CD in the first place. The first one, "Roses Are Red" is as cheesy as it sounds, with lyrics that go, believe or not, like this: "roses are red, waters are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you". See what I mean? The second one, "Cost Of Rock" has a guitar melody and vocal harmony combination equal to the aforementioned lyrics in annoyance. Luckily, those two tracks were about the only negative things I can say about the record, as from here on, the band plays exactly what their Myspace URL promises: 'bad ass rock n roll'.

The third track "Merry-Go-Round" should've really been the opener, as it is both groove-filled and full of feel-good vibe on top of a stupendously good chorus. This is top of the international class for rock music right here, and it wouldn't surprise me to hear this song all over the radios at least in their home country Germany, if not all around Europe. "We Are The Underground" then brings in a playful guitar riff and a must-do requirement to headbang for the listener. Comparisons to Aussie rockers Wolfmother or Airbourne are appropriate here, as the band fires through the songs with great energy and conviction; the only way to put it is to call it the BADASS ROCK AND ROLL that it really is. "Because I Am" opens with a rowdy, wild-west style mood before launching into another bouncy riff and a great chorus. How exactly these guys aren't any bigger with choruses capable of making me rock out like this is a mystery, but hey, that's why we need to promote bands like them as much as possible. Forget about Velvet Revolver and all the other useless rock supergroups, Shenaniganz is where it's at, this is real old-school rock and roll: it's uncontrollable, rowdy, and dangerous. Think Motörhead, Mötley Crüe and the likes, just with a cleaner vocal delivery. It's groovy, it's catchy, but the rough edges and relentless attitude are both present, as a quick listen to one of the faster-paced track like "Brand-New Chucks" will tell you.

Humour isn't forgotten either, as the traditional Bavarian-themed song "Bavaria" demonstrates. The bouncy parade-rhythm of the trumpet/trombone combo and the jokey vocal style of the singer make sure you can't take the song seriously, even though here, too, the band shows that they pretty much can't avoid writing catchy songs even if they tried. I don't think I need to go on any longer, because you've got the idea. This is BAD ASS ROCK N ROLL and that's why you should get it. Grade could be a lot higher if it wasn't for the lackluster initial expression due to the first two tracks.

Download: Merry-Go-Round, We Are The Underground, Change
For the fans of: Hot Action Cop, Motörhead, Velvet Revolver, rock n roll
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Release date 13.03.2009
Silverwolf Productions

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