The Bigger Lights

Fiction Fever EP

Written by: TL on 08/04/2009 12:27:36

I remember reading about The Bigger Lights somewhere, that they were the combined efforts of three guys coming from different bands, where the other band members weren't willing to "make the changes required to make it any further" or some such thing. I can't seem to find the reference though, so I guess I could've dreamed it up, but what I'm playing at is that if a statement like that makes you suspect that this is is some sort of "Sellouts unite!" kind of band, then one look at the massive fuckin' banner on the band's myspace, on which the bandmembers look like over-styled popstars, should fortify that suspicion. And when it comes to this re-release of their debut EP "Fiction Fever", I can't find much on it that helps me banish that suspicion.

So yeah, let's get one thing straight. If you thought bands like Boys Like Girls, Plain White T's or Cute Is What We Aim For were generally too soft and poppy, then goodbye. You don't want to read this review, I assure you of it. If you thought those bands had something about them that made them worth listening to, then I guess you could like The Bigger Lights too, but in my opinion the material they offer on "Fiction Fever EP" is at best stumbling between accidental catchyness and nauseating and embarrassing kiddy-pop. We're not many inches above The Jonas Brothers I tell you, and even in the moments when we are, this kind of thing has still been done to death about a gazillion times before and better so.

I think it really goes a long way towards establishing what I'm trying to say, when one of the better songs on record is called "Goldmine Valentine". I don't really know what else to say. All I know is that I'm sick of hearing pop in a rock format just because rock is becoming slightly more trendy these days. The Bigger Lights is an embodiment of this trend, and while there are just barely enough catchy moments on this for it to not be a complete travesty, anyone older than 13 should still be too embarrassed to ever admit to listening to it.


Download: Goldmine Valentine, When Did We Lose Ourselves
For The Fans Of: Boys Like Girls, Plain White T's, My Favourite Highway, Cute Is What We Aim For

Release Date: 07.04.2009
Doghouse Records

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