Turn Of Fate

Written by: PP on 09/04/2009 13:47:22

Alerion are a six-piece progressive metal band from Utrecth, Netherlands with a high-pitch female singer. Now, the band specifically expresses on their promotional material that they do NOT play gothic metal, but honestly, when the vocalist sings in a similar pitch and tone as the singer from The Gathering, even the most progressive overtones in their music can't save it from the obvious gothic reference. But that's the least of their problems on their new two-track promo "Turn Of Fate".

Instrumentally, I'm thinking Dream Theater has been a major influence to these guys. The focus is on a distinct progressive soundscape where rhythm guitar provides the speedy pace when needed, whilst the lead guitar takes over the melodic bits together with the classical piano on the background. This part of the promo is actually quite okay, nothing to complain there, although prog has never been my favorite genre. I just don't have the attention-span for seven minute songs. Maybe that's why I prefer "Clash With Eternity" to the other track . But the real problem for Alerion is their female-fronted vocalist. Not only does her voice come across as weak and not strong-enough to dominate the soundscape like it should, but it's also filled with annoying-as-hell vibrato that sounds like it's forced. There's nothing wrong with vibrato when it comes naturally from a good singer, but when the singer doesn't have the pipes required for the type of sound he or she is trying to emit, vibrato is the place where you can hear the faults. I'm sorry to say, Miss Siegerist, but VOCAL LESSONS. Please. For our ears sake. Or alternatively don't sing at a pitch where your voice doesn't have the required strength.

That being said, it's possible (although unlikely) that all of the above is just a mixing issue. Alerion are an unsigned band, after all. But considering that the purpose of the two-track is obviously to promote the band's music for two different target groups, I'm not sure I'm convinced. The first one is obviously the fans, because no band will ever be signed if they can't somehow prove that people will like their music. The second one is the record labels, and it's here that the problems lie. The industry folk have heard thousands upon thousands of bands, and if any of these people share the "oh my god please get a new vocalist" thought that immediately crept into my mind on first listen... well, I don't see a bright future.


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Release date 22.02.2009


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