Code of Conspiracy

Written by: AB on 24/04/2009 19:16:26

Being more or less thoroughly indifferent, if not disappointed, to the contemporary death metal scene in Denmark, I did not have high hopes when this new Submission album, "Code of Conspiracy" was dumped in my lap. I admit I don't have any previous experience with the band, but a quick look at the album's cover, Submissions logo and their tag as 'death/thrash' did not bode well. Even though I know the whole drill about not judging a book by its cover, their logo and album cover look suspiciously metalcoreish, and I've never really been convinced by newer death/thrash, and certainly not the Danish efforts in the genre (looking at you, Hatesphere). Oh well, it's all about the music, isn't it, so fuck the visuals and other stupid preconceptions as long as Submission slays with their instruments and rips everybody a new a-hole through sheer awesomeness, no?

Well, yes. Or rather, no. Because they don't. The vokills of new vocalist Sivertsen is for the most part your typical neothrash roar, which doesn't impress at all. Luckily, he is also on clean singing duty; a task he fulfills much better than trying to be thrashy evil 'n brutal. Not exactly my kind of clean sung vocals, the man is nonetheless clearly talented. This talent for the cleaner bits is Submission's force, which is clearly underlined by the well done, if rather uninspired, guitar work with its many solos, leads and melodies thrown generously around throughout the entire record. While the clean melodies and vocals lines are well done, I feel that especially the vocals get too much focus during "Code of Conspiracy", and as Submission shows on the really cool instrumental opener "111008666700" they don't have to be übermelodic to work well - they would benefit from a few more 'sharp edges' (which would in turn benefit greatly from a new vocalist to do the harsh vocals properly). As of now, Submission and "Code of Conspiracy" is way too polished for this scribe's taste. Speaking of polished, the production of the record is extremely good, with every instrument positioning itself clearly in the mix - it's also good to hear some bass every once in a while! Thumbs up.

When listening to "Code of Conspiracy" I can't for the life of me find the 'death' part of the death/thrash in here. Not trying to be too much of a genre Nazi here, but metalcore mixed with melothrash does not death metal make. And that's basically what's offered here. Even worse, everything on "Code of Conspiracy" has been heard before (with the exception of the cool acoustic "An Illusion of the Perfect Forever") - and it's even been heard before by me, and though much can be said of my musical taste (and by "much", I mean; "awesome"), metalcore and melothrash are not my normal music hunting ground. Though not at all super bad, technically, "Code of Conspiracy" is simply not very interesting, and in the end easily forgettable.


Download: In the Eyes of Tyranny, A Terror Within, 111008666700
For the fans of: Raunchy, Emergency Gate

Release date 27.04.2009
Blistering Records

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