Organic Hallucinosis

Written by: PP on 06/02/2006 12:02:05

Hailing from Poland, Decapitated can rightly be considered as the flagship band of modern death metal, and they've only released three albums before "Organic Hallucinosis". The new album has seen a vocalist switch, and while it takes some time to get used to Coven's aggressive though not growled vocal delivery, the change is for the better.

"Organic Hallucinosis" is the answer to the question that has long been bothering me; since nearly every genre has seen bands take their music to a new, almost progressive level, even in the genres where one wouldn't think being progressive was possible (emo anyone?), can one do it in Death Metal as well, without labeling it "Progressive metal" straight away? The answer is yes. Decapitated's arrangements are more complex than most bands can even think of composing. The lively structures on "Organic Hallucinosis" are simply captivating. One moment you have the brutal screams/semi growls of Coven, the next moment you have an orgasmic guitar solo, before falling back down to the Meshuggah style, repetetive guitar cycles. It is most intriguing how the band uses the same guitar riff for more than a quarter of the song, and then changes it for a new one, capturing all of your attention during the switch, forcing you to glorify their structures that require your full attention at all times.

The highlights of the album, "A Poem About An Old Prison Man", and "Post Organic", are highlights in their truest sense. After hearing these two masterpieces, it's hard to imagine going back to listen to a band like Blood Red Throne, for instance. Even the ultra annoying 'anti-piracy' "You are listening to the new Decapitated album, out on Earache media" voices twice each song won't take much away from the experience. But I do not hesitate to let Earache know; I do not approve of idiotic copy protection measures such as this blasphemous way of ruining a great song. There's nothing more annoying than having the prior spoken over an otherwise magnificent solo.

Decapitated fights the modern death metal movement alone and comes on top as a winner each and every time.


Download: A Poem About An Old Prison Man, Post(?)Organic
For the fans of: Nile, Deicide

Release date 13.02.2006
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