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Written by: TL on 18/05/2009 14:37:22

One of the records that have been spinning often in my apartment lately has been the "Gasp Asp EP" from Look Mexico, one of those bands that I must admit to having absolutely no previous knowledge of. A bit of research has revealed that we're dealing with a five piece from Tallahassee, Florida, and they've already previously released three other EP's and a full length album as well as toured extensively. I guess that makes them quite seasoned, so why haven't I heard of them before?

Well a few reasons I guess. Maybe it could be because they seem to aim purposefully for that niche area nicely situated somewhere in the borderlands between the indie, emo and punk rock scenes, or maybe it could be because they seem to aim purposefully at being a very mellow and casual representation of that blending of styles - at least on this EP that is. Their sound is one that most people are going to find very familiar, just as I do, yet I have had problems fingering the most accurate references, but in the end I think that comparisons to Minus The Bear and Damiera aren't completely out of order.

Chilled out guitars and keyboards intertwine with casual vocals and combine into floaty pieces of cool yet textured indie rock, and the resulting listening experience is fairly enjoyable. A full album of this music would be of the kind that would definitely make time fly by without its listener noticing. That being sad, so far that's all the effect the EP has successfully had on me, and once its last lingering notes have faded from my speakers, I find myself having trouble remembering what I just heard. So while there's no way to fault the musicianship of the band on this record, their current expression may just be a slight bit too subtle for their own good.

Download: You're Not Afraid Of The Dark Are You
For The Fans Of: Minus The Bear, Damiera,
Listen: myspace.com/lookmexico

Release Date: 02.09.2008
Lujo Records

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