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Sound The Alarm EP

Written by: PP on 06/03/2006 03:27:24

Sound The Alarm's self-titled EP doesn't exactly re-invent the wheel for the oversaturated emo scene. However, contrary to the usual trend these days, Sound The Alarm chooses to leave out the screamed out vocals entirely, and trusts on the strenght of a powerful melodic guitar/vocal delivery. The twin guitars are arranged in a clear, obvious way, where the lead guitar delivers the high-toned melodies while the second guitarist supports the melody with strong power chorded riffage. At first it may seem that the guitars are dominating the sound, but then Cody's high toned vocals drown the guitars underneath with their unbeliavable amount of loud melody. It is hard to comprehend how he is able to sing so melodically with the amount of volume without a single break in his voice or a drop into the screamo-mode. Throughout the songs you keep expecting for the screams to come, you keep thinking "ok next line MUST be screamed out" but no, it doesn't happen. Just take "Suffocating To Stay Alive", the standout track from the EP, and listen to the chorus and you'll know exactly what I mean.

Although the EP suffers from poor production, which creates a somewhat messy overall sound, it is still a good indicator on the future success of the band. The EP leaves us with high expectations of the big-budget Geffen debut full length album, that they have waiting for us in their pockets, and unless they fall for the major label commerical sound trap, they'll be sure to become the scene's favorites in no time.


Download: Suffocating To Stay Alive
For the fans of: Name Taken, Race The Sun, Acceptance, Sullivan
Listen: Website

Release date 24.01.2006
Rock Ridge Records

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