The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years

Written by: PP on 07/03/2006 07:24:01

Boysetsfire has always been one of the most underrated bands in their genre, which is why we haven't seen any big hype over their seventh studio album "The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years". There has been heaps of discussion on whether the band is screamo, emo or punk, but the new album clears the discussion and defines it as a mixture of those three into progressive hardcore.

The magic feature about Boysetsfire is that there aren't any bands who have been able to duplicate their sound, or even come anywhere close to it, and yet the band still is able to evolve album after album. That's one of the beauties of "The Misery Index...", as it offers something for everyone. Its tracks range from the previously non-Boysetsfire style radio-friendly, straight forward rock songs like "Empire" and "Requiem" to the most aggressive, in-your-face hardcore pieces like my personal favorites, the off-tune screamo piece "So Long... And Thanks For All The Crutches" or the 7-minute progressive hardcore epic "A Far Cry". The fans of the older songs like "Handful Of Redemption" or "High Wire Escape Artist" haven't been forgotten either, as "Social Register Fanclub", and "Falling Out Theme" represent the bands punkier background. How the band has fitted all of these styles together to create as coherent and solid album as this one remains a mystery for me.

I can say with confidence that this album will be in my top10 albums of 2006 come the end of the year, and it is only March now. Despite the heavy left-wing political leaning of their album (which should come as no surprise to anyone with any knowledge to the band), this is an album for the masses and the underground at the same time. With this release, the band should finally be able to break away from the constant underrating the band has received from the medias, and consequently from the fans, and boost their sales to a level they will not have expected.


Download: So Long... And Thanks For All The Crutches, Falling Out Theme
For the fans of: Refused, Hot Water Music, Stretch Arm Strong
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Release date 21.03.2006
Equal Vision

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