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Written by: PH on 08/03/2006 15:36:32

The danish band Veto barely received any criticism after their release of their debut EP "I Will Not Listen". Their video for the song "You´re A Knife" was number 1 on the danish Video Chart LIGA DK. This laid up big expectations on the bands debut album, and it left an underlying question whether or not the band would be able to live up to the hype.

And yes they can. Try to imagine Interpol with Thom Yorke´s vocals and you´re almost there but yet so very far away. Without the knowledge of the band being Danish, I would label them Britpop straight away.

The only song with hit potential is the first single "You´re A Knife" - and it will surely get a lot of recognition from everyone in Denmark. The remaining songs keep up to the same high quality, although "Cannibal" is a song the band might have wanted to consider leaving out.


Download: I Brought The BBQ, You´re A Knife
For The Fans of: Radiohead
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Release date 27.02.2006
Tabu Records

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