Failure To Perfection

Written by: MY on 10/03/2006 10:12:07

A new thrash/death metal band from Scandinavia! I am sure that Melodic Death Metal fans will find something to like in the album but I was expecting a more surprising album from Denmark's Submission. The band was formed in April 2003 by guitarists Christoffer Petersen and Kasper Kirkegaard, and then drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen and vocalist Steven Qvist joined. Their first demo recieved ‘Best demo/self financed cd’ award at the DMA 2004, Danish Metal Awards and their second demo, titled “Pain Or Pleasure”, brought them a deal with French label Listenable Records. And here it is, their debut album, “Failure To Perfection”. The album was produced by Tue Madsen (Aborted, The Haunted, Mnemic) and Jacob Hansen (Invocator, Hatesphere), which of course means a great sound!

The album starts with “Warhunger”, a blasting opening track that catches your attention straight away, but the album continues on the same line and becomes slightly boring in the long run. The guitar harmonies in the third song, “Recycled Ming”, and the well fitting clean vocals in the sixth song, “Condemned Cell”, make some differences but I can not say that they are enough to save the album! The guitar solos have a small Nightrage taste in them. It is clear that these guys are great musicians but they need more time to separate themselves from the masses. “Failure To Perfection” is far from a masterpiece but a good debut to start the way.


Download: Warhunger, Recycled Eyes, Condemned Cell
For the fans of: Nightrage, Duskfall, Soilwork
Listen: Listenable Records site

Release date 27.02.2006
Listenable Records
Provided by Target ApS

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