Process Of A New Decline

Written by: EW on 29/06/2009 12:35:17

A new name to me in the technical death metal world is the French band Gorod, and as is the case with any 'new' technical death metal band the listening experience is usually a highly pleasurable one. To help me with this listen I also got to see the band live supporting Immolation a few days ago, and most tight they were, showing straight to my face that the technical wizardry and expertise on show on "Process Of A New Decline" was not the result of studio tricks like virtually all these 'technical' grind/jazz/deathcore piles of shit, but a band who've spent hours honing their musical chops over the last decade or so.

In repeated listens to "Process..." the most obvious comparator I can offer is Decrepit Birth re their fantastic "Diminishing Between Worlds" last year as the style is that of staccato rhythms and riffs changing line on a sixpence, an evident slap-bass sound that always has elements of Steve DiGiorgio all atop growled and hoarse vocals that we all know is so much better than deep guttural growls of unadulterated brutality. The riffs, the key factor as always, know they're technical (finest example perhaps in "A Common Hope") but hold just short of over-doing it, utilising melodic leads at frequent intervals and showing themselves to match the colours and intensities that emanate from the vocals of Guillaume.

Opener "Disavow Your God" harbours a somewhat positive feeling 'chorus' riff thanks to the subtle key changes and movements at use. A dramatic point it may not be but I include it to show some of the depths that can be found in this record that have allowed Gorod to go someway to stamping a unique identity on the record. The following excellent "Programmers Of Decline", sounding most-like Decrepit Birth and Gory Blister through the thrashing-tastic nature of the intricate lead riff, and 'Diverted Logic" hammer home the band's name, make sure you won't forget it in a hurry before the first major detour appears in "The Path" as it begins with a twee symphonic keyboard sound, swiftly adjoined by Chuck Schuldiner-like guitar virtuosity. It is this combination of the various sounds that compliment the flow nice and going someway to earn the mark Gorod deserve for this effort.

The remainder of album follows in a similar style: I'm not totally sold on the odd moment of vocal effects being used which sound akin to Cynic's Paul Masdival but the brooding, delicate "Watershed" near the album's end somehow gets away with this. I think it must be something to do with the clever integration of the soft and hard in the song structure because it is most marvellous. Largely put, fans of the technical death metal style espoused by Decrepit Birth, Gory Blister, latter Death, Gorguts will love this, and I'm very thankful I made the effort to catch them in London the other day. Make sure you do the same when Gorod are near you.


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Release date: 15.06.09
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