A Cruel World

Written by: MS on 11/04/2005 18:16:52

Bloodsimple are a heavy nu-metal band who have harsh yelling vocals. They sound like a mix of Machine Head, Mudvayne and Slipknot. Some tracks are heavier than others, and one track in particular stands out as being nothing alike the rest of the album. This track 9; "Flatlined". It's very groovy and a lot less heavy than some of the other songs. Really cool track. There are lots of really heavy metal tracks like "Straight Hate", and the very cool "What If I Lost It". There are some quieter ballad-like tracks like "The Leaving Song", and a somewhat acoustic track; "Plunder" to round off the album. This album's pretty good actually.


Download: What If I Lost It, Flatlined

For the fans of: Machine Head, Mudvayne, Slipknot

Release date 29.3.2005

Warner Brothers

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