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The Infinity Complex

Written by: MS on 16/03/2006 15:27:14

German Machinemade God releases their debut album called "The Infinity Complex". The album is produced by Jacob Bredahl of danish melodeathers Hatesphere. He has a lot of experience, doing vocals for Hatesphere and Allhelluja, while playing guitar in danish hardcore act Barcode, and I know from our interview with Machinemade God, that the guys are very satisfied with the result. And let me say, so am I.

The band describes themselves as straight forward metalcore, which is a decent label. It is very melodic from time to time, and at other times it seems more like pure death metal. The vocals are harsh lowpitched screams all the way through. The guitars pound out harmonized metal riffs, with the drums not holding back the blast beats and double bass. In other words, very agressive. There are a couple of instrumental tracks on the album that stand out as being less agressive. For example "Butterfly Coma", a very accurate name for the song which is very atmospheric. Other than that it's brutal all the way through.

The stand out track is "Kiss Me Now, Kill Me Later", with its heavy breakdowns and brutal blast beats, indeed worthy of every metalheads appreciation. I also like "Your Own Fault", which brings up some industrial elements to the album, fitting their name perfectly. Great riffing here as well.

The problem with the album in my eyes is that too many of the songs are alike. With the absence of soloing and synth, and the little variety in the vocals, its seems a bit monotonous. But even so, it still makes a great Hardcore/Metalcore album. These guys definately have talent.


Download: Kiss Me Now, Kill Me Later, Your Own Fault
For the fans of: God Forbid, Still Remains, Every Time I Die
Listen: Myspace, Purevolume

Release date 13.02.2006
Metal Blade records
Provided by Target ApS

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