Sunlight Ascending

All The Memories, All At Once

Written by: DR on 29/07/2009 22:20:04

Be honest, how much time from your day do you grant those annoying bands that add you on Myspace? If you're anything like me, none, whatsoever. Yet for some reason, I was drawn to the name: "Sunlight Ascending". It's just so... poetic. I gave them a few minutes of my precious time and listened to one of their demos, but seeing as at the time, I was enamoured with Sleepmakeswaves' debut, their songs did very little for me, and I nearly completely forgot about them, apart from that name; Sunlight Ascending.

Many months later: I'm deeply in love with the newly-discovered (to me) post-rock genre, and they are releasing a full-length debut, with a title nearly as graceful as their band name; "All The Memories, All At Once". Of course I had my doubts, the residue of that demo that had me somewhat apathetic still lurked, but I was completely besotted with their name, and that was enough for me to give - at the very least - this album a listen.

Post-rock is very much a love/hate genre, which you will either find beautiful or pretentious. Sometimes, a band will come along that inspires both sides of the fence to tear down the divide and rejoice; and this band will (if not already) become one of those select few. This album catches my attentions and holds my affections in ways that bands they look up to, like This Will Destroy You and Explosions In The Sky have sometimes failed to do so.

The ambient feel they bring to the table helps the band create music that majestically uplifts and invigorates, and while still maintaining intensity on tracks such as "Reverse Dragons" and "Black Bear" (which utilizes clever use of electronics during the crescendo) when needed. Both "Out Of This Place" songs are magnificent, with the second (in track listing order) being, in my humble opinion, the best post-rock song this year. Oh, and don't forget the Balmorhea-esque "Four", which will have you transcending in to serenity.

A big hats-off to the production too. The nuances and subtleties in the production often tip songs from merely good, to great; "Out Of This Place" just would not be the same song without the attention to detail displayed, which can be said about the whole album, but it particularly stands out on that spacey and dreamy composition.

The fact these kids (YES, KIDS!) dug me out through that once addictive scene forum that is Myspace is redemption enough for all the floppy fringes, skinny jeans and lackluster three-word-named band adds I'm likely to get and never pay any mind whatsoever to. I'm still reluctant to pinch myself, in case it really is all a dream that these guys (and a girl) whose ages range from 14-21 can produce an album of such maturity far beyond their years. Never has potential been so unbridled.

Download: Four, Black Bear, Out Of This Place
For the fans of: Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, Godspeed You! Black Emperor
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Release date 01.06.2009
Future Recordings

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