Hopes Die Last

Six Years Home

Written by: DR on 05/08/2009 21:02:03

Ahh yes, another generic(core) band with another generic three word band name, with another all black getup, with fringes and whining and screaming and, well, you get the picture. Just look at that album artwork too, it's fucking ridiculous! Yet for some reason I've been eagerly awaiting this release, more than most. I guess it has something to do with the fact this band uploaded "Some Like It Cold" about a month ago to their Myspace, and I've shamefully taken to it. Despite the quality that song clearly has, it seems that it's a case of putting your best foot forward, because there is little (if anything) else on this album to write home about.

I was prepared for the lack of anything close to originality, however, I wasn't prepared for just how mundane every song after the opening track ("Some Like It Cold") is. I was hoping for the album to grab me, to engage me, or at the very least, excite me. But no, the album passes by forgettably, and before you know it you're hitting the repeat button, and again, and again, and still nothing.

Becko's clean vocals are fairly polarised on songs like "Consider Me Alive" and yes, you guessed it, on "Some Like It Cold", they soar angelically. For some reason or other, on the likes of "Johnny's Light Sucks" and "Ever The Same Will Always Be" his voice is just downright annoying. The new guy, Daniele (It's a guy, I checked) has taken up the screaming reigns, and fails; Nick's screams were always intimidating, and you almost got the impression that he was a deranged wolf barking at you. Bless Daniele's heart for his commendable effort, but he lacks the edge that Nick was blessed with.

Another adverse effect of having to recruit a new vocalist is that if you wish to include any EP songs on your next full-length, you tend to have to re-record them, which is bad. Especially as they haven't improved "Call Me Sick Boy" at all, in fact, they've gone the other way. It's re-recording for re-recordings sake, and it does not bode well with this reviewer, who is a huge fan of the previous version.

All in all, you should know from the name whether or not you're going to like, or even able to bear this band. While few songs suggest a huge amount of promise for Hopes Die Last, the rest suggest that they are destined to be stuck at the back of the pack for a while longer yet.


Download: Some Like It Cold, Call Me Sick Boy (From "Your Face Down Now" instead), Consider Me Alive
For Fans of: Blessthefall, Alesana, A Skylit Drive, Before Their Eyes
Listen: Myspace

Release date 04.09.2009
Standy Records

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