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House Of Insanity

Written by: PP on 10/08/2009 17:26:31

Here I was, thinking I was in for another dose of ultra generic heavy/power metal based on the description of ex-Savatage member Chris Caffery's new solo album "House Of Insanity", when the first complex guitar lines of "Seasons Change" entered my consciousness. The record's not particularly original in the heavy metal spectrum, but that's irrelevant when this guy sure as hell can play. Nearly every song on the record has more distinguishable riffs and instrumentation than 90% of the heavy metal that gets sent to us together, which should really say it all, but in case it doesn't, here it is: If you're not into heavy metal normally, then Chris Caffery could be the artist to change that.

The opening track "Seasons Change" is one of my favorites because of the way it blends together heavy metal soloing and riffage with a classic 80s hard rock clean chorus. It's as if Bon Jovi teamed up with (insert a heavy metal band here) for a short recording session. "House Of Insanity", another track with killer dual-guitar riffs and a good chorus, makes me think along the same lines. It's super refreshing to hear a band in one of the stalest genres that actually sounds like they're onto something. "I Won't Know" has, for once, a great vibrato-filled vocal harmony that doesn't sound forced or lame rather than just natural.

Wailing high-pitch guitars, blinding guitar solos in all songs, and fitting percussion ensure that there's something interesting going on in every song of the album. There are a couple of weaker tracks towards the end pulling the rating down a notch, but they shouldn't bother you much thanks to the exceptionally strong start to the album. Like I mentioned earlier, this could be the heavy metal album you'll like even if you hate the rest of the bands in the genre.

Download: Seasons Change, The Fleas, House Of Insanity, Solitaire
For the fans of: Jon Oliva's Pain, Savatage, Rough Silk
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Release date 10.07.2009
AFM Records

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