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Written by: DR on 10/08/2009 19:30:45

I should point out, before I delve into this review, that this band is not the alternative rock band from America, but instead their Danish namesakes who play a more somber style of rock, fusing influences from alternative and post-hardcore, which has generated a little buzz around this quintet in their homeland. It all actually sounds closer to the heavier side of the American alternative scene than anything else, despite best efforts from a few twinges of post-hardcore (by which, they mean 'screams') they're hardly prominent enough to suggest anything otherwise than out and out alternative.

Still, that's enough about the genre. What about the music? Well, it's impressive. And speaking as one who is not strictly a fan of this genus, I certainly did not hesitate to hit the repeat button a fair few times; though a sizable portion of that reason can be attributed to attempting to distinguish between tracks, because each song seems to follow a similar structure of melancholy guitar-work, almost mournful vocals and screams that are sometimes well-placed, and others for no sake other than screaming's sake. Each band member has ability, no doubt, but you get the impression that they seem to be...holding back.

The guitars are not overly-technical, nor aggressive, but remain at a constant lukewarm temperature, and the vocals - though quality in parts - almost beg you to feel sorry for the poor sap executing them, not because they are poor (which they are definitely not) but because he sounds depressed, and never once sounds happy or anything more than as though he pities himself.

When they get the whole desolate, gloomy, woe-is-me thing right, you can't help but be impressed (see "In Between These Lines" and "I Am My Own Wave") but for the rest of the time, something a bit more in-your-face, as it were, is required, some unbridled energy, up the tempo, just enough so that you get the feeling they're stepping out of their comfort zone, even just a bit.


Download: I Am My Own Wave, In Between These Lines
For Fans of: Chevelle, Deftones
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Release date 02.03.2009
Discretion Is Paramount (Self-Released)

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