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For their sophomore album, Magrudergrind have opted to baptize the record simply "Magrudergrind", a fitting name that should already tell you we're dealing with obscure, underground, straight up grindcore. Surprisingly enough, the label behind the band is Candlelight Records as opposed to Relapse who usually houses these type of bands, but since the former doesn't normally deal too much with grind, it's fair to assume they'd only sign a good band from the genre instead of choosing to sign a lump sum of grind bands of varying quality like Relapse does. So does the assumption hold in a more detailed inspection?

Ferocious speed, vicious vocals, sickeningly distorted guitars and no bass at all... if all of this sounds like your cup of tea in a grindcore format, then I can tell you already now that Magrudergrind is one of the more interesting and varied grindcore releases I've had the pleasure (or displeasure, if you will) of listening. So, yes it does. As for comparisons to other bands, the label suggests Phobia (whose description always makes me laugh: "murderous sociopolitical grinding noise"), Kill The Client and Insect Warfare as close matches, but I'd rather throw in a parallel to the malicious sound of Brutal Truth, given the power violence type chugging these guys put up song after song.

Most bands in the genre tend to be politically charged, and these guys are no exception, with spoken-word movie samples about the economy and social issues cut and pasted to the beginning and the end of the songs. Normally these come across as tacky, but Magrudergrind have actually come up with extremely relevant and interesting ones to place in the mix - especially "Caranial Media Parasite" has a brilliant one. Combine that with relatively good song writing compared to their peers, and you've got a grind release worth noting if you're into grindcore. If not, don't expect Magrudergrind to change your mind about the genre.


Download: Cranial Media Parasite, Fools Of Contradiction, The Price Of Living By Delinquet Ideals
For the fans of: Phobia, Kill The Client, Insect Warfare, Brutal Truth
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Release date 29.06.2009
Candlelight Records

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