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They Came From The Shadows

Written by: PP on 20/09/2009 20:45:56

Teenage Bottlerocket have been pulling the carpet from underneath music critics and fans alike for six years now, with three critically acclaimed and loved albums under the belt before their newest offering, their Fat Wreck Chords debut "They Came From The Shadows". Each of their previous albums has frequented the 'best of' annual charts in their respective years, and based on high-octane punk rockers like the album opener "Skate Or Die", this one will be no exception, especially because it contains some of the finest Bottlerocket songs to date.

Whilst their previous albums were somewhat more hardcore influenced affairs, the newest one takes their pedal-to-the-floor, light-hearted pop punk meets tight skatepunk combo a step further. The songs were really catchy on their other records as well, but tracks like "Don't Want To Go" (which sounds a lot like The 20Belows' unreleased material), "Not Ok" and especially "Forbidden Planet" are infectiously so - there's just no chance you wouldn't feel like singing along to a song like "Tonguebiter" (or any other track for that matter). That's not to say that Bottlerocket have changed that much, because the difference between "...Shadows" and, 2008's "Warning Device" could technically be argued to be cosmetic only, with crispier and clearer production overall bringing forth the poppier side in the band.

Essentially, "They Came From The Shadows" is no frills, no bullshit, easily accessible punk rock that should appeal equally to the underground because of its speed and gimmick-free approach, and eventually also the mainstream because the songs stick to your mind like glue. It's interesting to see how little technical competence is required to write extremely enjoyable songs, because here, the instrumentals are almost laughably simple - usually just a handful of chords per track - but because the pace is approaching breakneck, they work and provide a great, energetic platform for Ray & Kody's dual vocal harmonies to blossom. Expect to see this one on many top 10 lists.

Download: Skate Or Die, Tonguebiter, Forbidden Planet
For the fans of: The 20Belows, Descendents, Screeching Weasel
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Release date 15.09.2009
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