Perfect Future

Perfect Future

Written by: TL on 10/11/2009 23:32:06

That Perfect Future have named themselves and their eponymous debut as such is slightly ironic. You see, about this Maryland three piece, there is nothing even remotely futuristic, in fact, if there ever was a missing link somewhere between the emo(core) bands of the 90's - I'm thinking Rites Of Spring, Sunny Day Real Estate, etc. etc - and those that carried on in the new millennium - Saves The Day as well as Taking Back Sunday, but mostly Thursday - then Perfect Future would be it.

Yep, this is a blast from the past alright, a salute to the glorified heyday of true emo, the time of thick framed glasses, nerdy pull-overs and single coloured hair. Of this there can be no doubt, as that aesthetic emanates thickly from the (purposefully) dodgy production, the fuzzy warm guitars and the often off-tune vocals. And even more so from the dynamics that seem to be PF's trademark, alternating between quietly plucked strings backing hesitant singing, and noisily distorted outbursts with unapologetic, sentimental wailing. The former making up for the reference to the quieter bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, the latter bringing to mind Thursday and Rites Of Spring.

The problem of Perfect Future is the same as for many other bands of their disposition, namely that of proving themselves relevant in the now, outside of their decade of influence. Listening to them is like listening to bands like Airbourne or The Answer, recognizing and appreciating how much those two bands reference AC/DC, yet noting that in the future, both are secondary choices to listening to the real thing. Similarly, I can't help but question what it is PF bring to the table, which would make us want to listen to them over their own inspirations?

That being said though, I'm insanely grateful that a band like theirs is around, keeping exactly this aesthetic so faithfully alive. The reason being that with a band such as this, unlike many, many modern bands, you'll never even doubt for a second if they really mean it. By choosing to play this kind of music, PF know that they've forfeited any chance of big money, but that's not the big deal though, oh no, the big deal is that there doesn't seem to be a substitute ambition, seeking to capitalize off their underground sound to become heroes of the alternative. No sir, the thing that's delightful above all about "Perfect Future" is that it seems to exist exclusively on its own terms, and exclusively for its own sake, leaving nothing left in the focus, than the stories the songs tell and the questions they ask. It is as un-conceited and un-intruding as music can probably be, unquestionably made with passion in the stead of ambition. So, an exhilarating and original record it may not be - but a touching, soothing and uplifting one, it is beyond a doubt.


Download: Make Fun, If We Dance
For The Fans Of: Rites Of Spring, Thursday, Sunny Day Real Estate

Release Date 30.06.2009
Count Your Lucky Stars Records

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