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Sound The Alarm

Written by: PP on 23/04/2006 19:14:44

It's fair enough for a band to change their sound with every release. Take Incubus for instance, every album they've released sounds different and the same simultaneously. But when you are a big fan of a band, and they change their direction entirely from the bittersweet, silky, silent indie rock into something trendy and utterly disappointing, you can't help but to try to hide the tears from your eyes.

As a big fan of Saves The Day's previous masterpiece "In Reverie", the journey to "Sound The Alarm" is just too long to take. I enjoyed the silent lusciousity of songs like the title track from the previous album, so when "Head For The Hills" blasts out with triple volume to that, I feel like stuffing cotton into my ears. The songs just aren't catchy in 'that strange way' anymore, they're just louder and, to be honest, boring. The band has lost the edge they had with songs like "Anywhere With You", and instead produces songs that should rather be on a We Are Scientists or even an Arctic Monkeys album.

I've given "Sound The Alarm" a chance, I really have. I've powerlistened to it, I've taken distance to it, and glued myself on top of it. Either way, the result is the same. Boring. Download the album before buying it to hear yourself.


Download: Head For The Hills
For the fans of: We Are Scientists, Arctic Monkeys

Release date 11.04.2006
Vagrant Records

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