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Written by: PP on 17/11/2009 22:21:14

This drama originate from Canary Islands, the Spanish owned islands off the coast of Africa (should anyone be geographically challenged), and their new album "San Diego XIII" has the honor of being the first album ever to be reviewed from the islands. I didn't even realize they had a music scene over there, but I guess it's the one characteristic that unites all people regardless of origin. A fun fact to lighten things up a bit: "San Diego XIII" is, according to the band, "the name of the street where everything happens for us, where we rehearse, where the band was born and raised". Cool. They play a vibrant, frantic style of tropical punk not much unlike that spearheaded by Cactus's, with a pinch of urgency from The Bronx, and a good deal of intensity that's almost certainly inspired by seminal post-punk thrashers Fucked Up.

The combination is best seen on "Strictly Dishonorable", which also sees a vocal style similar to Since By Man's (slightly cleaner though) on their excellent release "Pictures From The Hotel Apocalypse". Prepare your senses for some seriously angular guitar work that surprises you around each corner, and lots of high-energy vocal lines courtesy of Asdrubal Marichal, and if you pay close enough attention hints of some of the more explosive work by experimental post-hardcore pioneers Fugazi. Basically, urgency & intensity by the boatload.

Lots of songs cruise by with a distinct Spanish/So-Cal vibe cocktail, inspiring thoughts of sandy beaches, palm trees and cocktails materializing in the midst of a Bear Vs Shark show. Listen to the player below and you'll know exactly what I mean. While it certainly isn't a genre-defying blockbuster release, it's still absolutely worth checking out if you're into even slightly quirkier music than what is the norm. Finally, what's up with the several minutes worth of silence on "Born To Expire" before the music resumes? It's not even the last track on the record.


Download: Strictly Dishonorable, Car Crazy Speed Crazy
For the fans of: Cactus's, The Bronx, Fucked Up
Listen: Deep Elm Records

Release date 07.09.2009
Deep Elm Records

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