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Written by: PP on 03/12/2009 20:09:42

When my fellow scribe AP reviewed Infinite Horizon's previous album "Soul Reducer" last year, he used phrases like "one-dimensional and entirely uninspiring" and "unambitious and even dull" to describe the record, and politely refused to volunteer for a review of the band's fourth album "Dominion" when it landed in our mailbox quite some time ago. So it's time for a second opinion, but frankly, AP hit it spot on in his review and Infinite Horizon haven't progressed one bit from those derogatory comments even though more than a year has passed since. This is still very much a typical German power/heavy metal release with progressive undertones - the difference between these guys and practically any other heavy/power/prog outfit in Germany is absolutely zero.

The promo blurb lists Savatage, Evergrey, Brainstorm as influences and claims that the new record is more 'metal' than the one before, but aren't they all average bands who've never really made an impression on anyone else than their own close-minded fans to whom anything outside the safe borders of generic heavy- and power-metal is close to sacrilege? Cause if there was a 'scene' in heavy metal with a negative connotation like the one that refers to emo/screamo bands with trendy clothes and hairdo's, then Infinite Horizon would be at the center of it. Maybe I'll just call it the "anti-scene" as it really is the polar opposite: as if the band lived and breathed by a thought of "fuck the image, lets play generic music that's indistinguishable from every single other heavy/power metal band in Germany and hope that we'll become either Iron Maiden or Dream Theater". You know the drill, high pitch clean-shrieks meet big power metal clean vocals and some meaner vocals, and of course a colossal soundscape and some anonymous riffs and solos that you'll forget the instant they've passed by your sensory perception.

Am I being too harsh here? Maybe, but aren't we all tired of the German heavy/power metal scene repeating itself to the nth power by now? When will a band from that scene step up and demonstrate that originality indeed is possible in the cliché-riddled genre? I have a feeling we'll be waiting for quite some time still, and after releasing four distinctly average and nothing-saying albums, Infinite Horizon aren't going to become that band anytime soon.


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Release date 09.10.2009
Black Bards Entertainment

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