Lights (Vinyl reissue)

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Underrated experimental screamo / chaotic post-hardcore band Traktor from Sweden released a solid full length called "Lights" back in 2006 to minor critical acclaim, but because of their retrospective old school screamo sound, they didn't catch on to the emo/screamo revolution as much as they definitely should have. Now that the genre is slowly fading away from the spotlight, there's a good chance that more people will open their eyes up for a more honest take on the genre, and that's why Traktor have decided to reissue their 2006 release on vinyl, printing only 330 copies of the release in total.

Some of you may remember my review of "Sequence The Sequence" from earlier this year, where I acknowledged that the band had potential but were still some way from making more than just ripples in the giant screamo pond. If you liked the sounds of that record, however, then I'm the bearer of great news: "Lights" is way better than its successor. The style is still caustic old school screamo, characterized by a frantic pace and sky high intensity levels. The band doesn't waste time in crafting friendly song structures or catchy choruses, instead opting for a mostly unmelodic and extremely unpredictable sound that recalls the likes of JR Ewing, Kaospilot, Funeral Diner and of course their main influence: Refused. The resulting chaos is quite magnificent at times, but especially brilliant when subtle melody is added to the off-tune guitar lines such as on "The Vicious Process Of The Technician", recalling the melodic parts from the most aggressive songs by United Nations.

In fact should any of the bands mentioned here be right up your alley - and if you like screamo and post-hardcore they really should - there's no reason why you shouldn't be investing the 9 euros + postage for a vinyl copy of "Lights". Its organic, original screamo sound will simply blow you away if the only screamo you are accustomed to is the overpolished, predictable scheisse that most scene screamo bands offer in 2009. Check it out, you won't regret it.

Download: The Vicious Process Of The Technician, All These Seconds, Song Four, Speak Of The Devil
For the fans of: JR Ewing, Kaospilot, Funeral Diner, Refused, United Nations
Listen: Myspace

Release date 18.11.2009
Apocaplexy Records

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